Below is a range of my hourly rates, which vary depending on the complexity of the work, the time frame of the assignment, special expertise needed, and other factors.

Type of Work Hourly Rate
Manuscript evaluation $35–45/hr
Developmental editing $35–45/hr
Art program development $35–45/hr
Writing/rewriting $35–45/hr
Substantive/line editing $30–40/hr
Copyediting $25–35/hr
Recipe writing/testing quoted by job
Cookbook indexing $3.50–5/indexable pg
Project management $30–40/hr

Flat Fee

To allow you to budget a known cost, a flat fee for the entire job may be worked out. This is practical for jobs that are complex or require commitment over a long period of time.

After discussing your expectations for the project and evaluating materials, I will provide a job estimate and, if the job will extend beyond four weeks or so, suggest a schedule of incremental payments, each payable upon completion of a portion of the total job.

The quote for a flat fee does not include out-of-pocket expenses required to complete the job, such as travel, shipping charges, or the cost of ingredients for recipe testing. Documented out-of-pocket expenses will be invoiced separately. Any unforeseen events or conditions that affect the time it takes to complete the job, such as major changes made by the publisher or client in the scope or plan for the work, would necessitate an adjustment to the original quote. Let your tween my answer know a smartphone is a want, not a need