Selected List of Books on Art, Architecture, and Design
The following books are organized by my role in their making. Other books, for which I played a supportive role as editorial assistant or assistant editor, are not included in the list.

Developmental editor and/or project manager
Japan Living by Marcia Iwatate and Mehta Geeta (Tuttle Publishing, 2008)


Scrapbook Asian Style! by Kristy Harris (Tuttle Publishing, 2008)

Ikebana: The Art of Arranging Flowers by Shozo Sato (Tuttle Publishing, 2007)


Paper in Three Dimensions by Diane Maurer-Mathison (Watson Guptill, 2006)

The Making of a Graphic Novel by Prentis Rollins (Watson Guptill, 2006)

“[A] double-sided flip book that features, on one side, The Resonator, an engaging and imaginative, potential stand-alone science fiction graphic novel set in a dystopic future, and on the other, The Making of a Graphic Novel, a thoughtful compilation outlining the various steps Rollins went through to create The Resonator.” —Publishers Weekly
“Whether you’re looking for a good graphic novel or a good book on the techniques of creating a graphic novel, readers can’t go wrong with Rollins’ book. With a great tale and an easy-to-follow, jargon-free discussion on creating art, he makes great strides in helping the reader understand the process and the mindset of the author.” —Curled Up with a Good Book

Jonathan Fong’s Walls that Wow: Creative Wall Treatments Without Fancy-Schmancy Painting (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005)

Powercolor: Master Concepts for All Media by Caroline Jasper (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005)

“By the end you’ll be equipped with all you need to choose a palette to best express your artistic vision.” —The Artist’s Magazine

Forms in Modernism: A Visual Set by Virginia Smith (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005)


Mary Gilliatt’s Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2004)


New American Interiors by James Trulove (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2005)

Painting from Life by Douglas Lew (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2004)

The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head by William Maughan (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2004)

Nineteenth-Century European Art by Petra Chu (Abrams/Prentice Hall, 2003)

Photography: A Cultural History by Mary Warner Marien (Abrams/Prentice Hall,

The Visual Arts: A History, 6th Ed. by Hugh Honour and John Fleming (Abrams, 2003)

Twentieth-Century Architecture by Dennis P. Doordan (Abrams/Prentice Hall, 2002)

Architecture: From Prehistory to Postmodernity, 2nd Ed. by Marvin Trachtenberg and Isabelle Hyman (Abrams/Prentice Hall, 2002)

“This new volume considers diverse modes of modern architecture that have flourished, abetted by computer-aided design and unprecedented wealth, during the past 20 years. Included are very recent masterworks such as Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum in Berlin. The many libraries holding the previous edition will want to purchase this update; other large public and academic libraries should also consider.” —Library Journal


Substantive editor
The Hand and the Soul: Aesthetics and Ethics in Architecture and Art edited by Sanda Iliescu (UVA Press, 2009)

Line editor and proofreader
The Swedish House by Ingalill Snitt and Lars Sjoberg (Monacelli Press, 2003)

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