If you’re a publisher or author, I can help you put your best face forward. With more than twenty years of publishing experience, I offer a range of editorial skills, including:

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Editorial development
  • Art program development
  • Substantive/line editing
  • Writing and rewriting
  • Recipe writing/testing
  • Cookbook copyediting and styling
  • Cookbook indexing
  • Project management





My areas of content specialty lie in food and cooking, and in art, architecture and design. I have edited nonfiction works for trade, textbook and academic publishers, as well as individuals, and have written books and provided content for several media, including newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

I have developed the specialized skill of, and a passion for, editing illustrated books. I am adept at developing art programs, giving guidance to artists or photographers, sorting out the interplay between text and image, editing and writing captions, and offering constructive feedback on complex book designs.

Whether you’re looking for someone to weigh in on design matters or assess an outline or manuscript for strengths and weaknesses, I can help you bring your vision to the page with an eye for detail, clarity, and succinct elegance. I can serve as ghost writer or rewriter; develop a sound book structure; create special features to enhance content and marketability; and ensure that copy is clear, uses transitions effectively, reads smoothly, and is consistent in voice and style.

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